Viewing Parties

The great thing about this event is that ANYONE can participate and be part of this worldwide re-viewing by just watching the correct movie at the correct time. Break open a bag of every flavor beans, settle down with a home-brewed Butterbeer, and participate from the comfort of your own home by watching & tweeting your thoughts using #hpreview.

However, you might like to gather a bunch of friends and watch the movies together. Here are some tips for those of you planning to host a viewing party where everyone tweets and watches!

If you host a party, please take a photo and send it to us for the gallery or post it directly to the Flickr Gallery yourself!


Some places you might host a party include: your home, a library meeting room, a school or university classroom, or a community center meeting room. Just be sure it’s legal to show the movie in whatever venue you choose! Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure that whatever place you choose will allow your party-goers to connect to the internet so they can tweet their thoughts during the movie. Try to choose a place with free Wi-Fi, if possible.
  • If not all your guests have a laptop, iPad, or phone with Twitter access, consider passing a laptop around the room or having a laptop station where people can log into their Twitter accounts and type a quick tweet during the movie.
  • If you’re inviting people to your home, make sure to stay safe! You may not want to advertise your address to the entire community or the internet.

Food & Drink

What’s a party without food? Here are some suggestions:

  • Ask your guests to each bring a little something to share (suggest that they bring something they would want to eat, so no one is stuck with leftovers)
  • Cook/bake/create foods that go with whatever movie you’re viewing. There are several Harry Potter cookbooks you can look at for examples and websites online with recipes. Be creative and don’t be skimpy on the chocolate frogs!
  • Don’t forget beverages! Pumpkin juice and butterbeer are always great choices, of course.


Before or after the viewing you could play Harry Potter themed games. Just remember to start the movie at exactly 8:00 PM EDT!

  • Harry Potter charades- always a great time
  • Harry Potter trivia- come up with questions (or search for questions online) and find out which of your guests knows the most about Harry Potter
  • Harry Potter board games- there are so many out there
  • Quidditch (be especially careful if playing indoors; it’s really best played outside)

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